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Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth called for more civil society groups and organizations

03 Mar 2018

Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth called for more civil society groups and organizations, such as Lam Ann Association, to participate in “SG Cares” to build a mutual care society between people and ethnic groups.

She also encouraged the local groups to collaborate with National Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles (IRCC) and National Integration Council (NIC) to enhance the social harmony and promote the cultural exchange.

“The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth will continue to work with the association and local groups to enhance social cohesion among ethnic groups through cultural, sports and charitable activities, and to strengthen the sense of identity of the people,” she said last night (2nd March) at the Lantern Festival gathering celebration at Lam Ann Association.

Ms Grace Fu said that, “The economic globalization and disruptive technologies have created unprecedented business opportunities, but it has also brought many challenges to society, including unequal income growth, tension between immigrants and citizens, and the spread of religious and racial extremism. The Government therefore sees the establishment of an inclusive, cohesive and mutually caring society as an important task at the moment.”

She pointed out that in the multicultural society of Singapore, the Clan associations play the role of building a cultural bridge, so that the compatriots of all ethnic groups could exchange understanding and help the new immigrants integrate into the local community.

She also praised Lam Ann Association for their active role in the communities to give back to the society, such as the “Love hearts warm Singapore in 7th Moon Festival ” community care activities jointly hosted with five community grassroots organizations last year.

Lee Kong Chian Commemorative Series Published in a Special Edition

This year is the 51st anniversary of the death of the late Mr Lee Kong Chian. To commemorate the late Mr Lee Kong Chian, Lam Ann Association specially organised a “memorial Lee Kong Chian Cultural Relics Exhibition” in Hong San Si Temple, also named its grand hall “Lee Kong Chian Hall”, and arranged the inauguration ceremony during the gathering event.

At the same time, “Lianhe Zaobao” published a special edition based on the memorial article series, “The brilliance of kindness shines the world and links the past and future” written last year. The new book launch event was held last night.

Ms Grace Fu said that the late Mr Lee Kong Chian put a lot of efforts in the promotion of  culture and education. His generous assistance for the poor was also admirable. She believes that the release and promotion of the commemorative edition will help more people, especially the younger generation to better understand the spirit of Lee Kong Chian in the giving back to the country and society; and be inspired by it.

Last night, Lam Ann Association and the National Library officially signed the agreement of donation of Hong San Si Temple Cultural Relics. Ms Grace Fu commented that this will ensure that Minnan’s tradition and the spirit of Lam Ann to prevail.

Lam Ann Association President Tan Aik Hock hoped that the commemorative edition could inspire people to learn from the spirit of Lee Kong Chian to give back to society.

He pointed out that Lee Kong Chian was outstanding in all aspects and was a very comprehensive leader figure.

Last night, Ms Grace Fu also presented Certificates of Appreciation to the following individuals and groups which sponsored the Lee Kong Chian Commemorative Special Edition:

Chairman of Singapore Tong Teik Pte Ltd, Oei Hong Eie

Honorary President of Lam Ann Association, Teo Kek Yeng

Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Insitiution, Toh Soon Huat

Chairman of Guang Feng Trading, Chia Ann Tong

President of Lam Ann Association, Tan Aik Hock

Chinese Weekly Entertainment Club

Tao Nan Alumni Association

Fujian Lam Ann Guoguang Secondary School Alumni Association (Singapore).