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Music without borders

23 Dec 2019
Music without borders
      On 23 December morning, Ms. Wang Jibao, Dean of the Singapore Conservatory of Music and her family visited the Sian Chay Medical Institution again to meey Chairman Toh Soon Huat. They donated $1,200 worth of concert tickets at the meeting .
Ms. Wang Jibao has always supported the charity cause of Sian Chay Medical Institution and often led the students of Ruyi Pipa Group to participate in charity fundraising events.
     The donation “You look delicious”  is a pictorial illustration concert. The concert was hosted by MagicPiano & Synpura Conservatory of Music and co-organized by Singapore International Artists Federation and Singapore Loving Hearts International Education Group. Sian Chay Medical Institution was fortunate to become a beneficiary institution.
    In Sian Chay , $1200 donation can help 120 seniors and allow vulnerable groups in society to seek free consultation and medicine free of charge. We believe that helping a person is equivalent to helping a family because anyone who is sick in an extended family, the life and mood of the family will be greatly affected and impacted. We hope that by helping patients get relieve from their pain, foster a happy and healthy family, and a harmonious society, everyone will feel bright vision because they live in this country.
    In order to provide more children from low-income families with the opportunity to learn to play piano and work together with the younger generation, Sian Chay Medical Institution and the Singapore Conservatory of Music will soon launch a charitable piano group learning session. Through the registration with Sian Chay, the child only needs to pay 50% of the tuition fee to enjoy the personal coaching by Mr. Xie Lin, Master of Piano of the Conservatory.
  Chairman Toh Soon Huat said: I thank the teachers and students of the Singapore Conservatory of Music for their support and love, and look forward to more cooperation in the future. It is hoped that Teacher Wang will share the spirit and dedication of Sian Chay charity cause through the book “Treasure Life, Gratitude for Life” by Sian Chay  Medical Institution and the introduction on Sian Chay Medical Institution , so that more people can approach charity through the music and art platform, and pay attention to the vulnerable groups in society.
    Art comes from cultivation, art comes from taste, art comes from the touch of life and beauty, music is an art, the most refined existence in arts, it can touch our soul and perception, and let the soul sublime. Music is closely related to our healthy lifestyle . It not only relaxes our body and relieves stress, but also detach the mind and soul and adds style to this world.
      Charity and Arts, bright journey together, mutual support and sharing benevolence together!