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Official Opening of Sian Chay Moulmein-Cairnhill Branch, Benevolence for the Public

24 Mar 2018

Official Opening of Sian Chay Moulmein-Cairnhill Branch, Benevolence for the Public

Saturday, 24th March, 2018

On 24th March, Moulmein-Cairnhill Branch of Sian Chay Medical Institution was officially declared opened by Mr. Melvin Yong, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC and  Adviser to Moulmein-Cairnhill Grassroots Organizations, Mr. Johnny Heng, Chairman of Moulmein-Cairnhill Citizens’ Consultative Committees, Mr. Nathan, Vice-Chairman, Mr. Kejandran Chandara, Constituency Director of Moulmein-Cairnhill, CDWF Ms. Grace, Sian Chay Honorouble Chairman, directors and other honourable guests were invited to this opening ceremony.

MP Melvin Yong said that “I am very grateful to Sian Chay and the team for serving the senior citizens in this constituency. I was very impressed when I visited the Sian Chay Boon Lay Branch for the first time. The elders in the queue had smile on their faces and the environment of the clinic was also very conducive. The residents’ feedback are very positive at the moment. Thanks to all the sponsors for the support. Thank you!”

Chairman Toh Soon Huat said, “We appreciate MP Melvin Yong’s effort in securing this location for us to serve the public. We also promised Minister Gan Kim Yong to open a new branch in Chua Chu Kang in 2019. By then, Sian Chay will have 16 branches throughout the island to serve the public.

When we help one person, we are helping a whole family because the mood of all family members will be affected by one sick member in the family. Our mission is to help the patients to experience happiness, relieve from pain, create a healthy and blissful family, and a harmonious society.

Sian Chay has also actively participated in community charity events to promote health awareness and encourage healthy activities. We also plan to offer Chinese language classes for Malay and non-Chinese citizens. The brochures in four languages will be distributed ​​so that all races will be able to understand Sian Chay and enjoy the service of Sian Chay. We also engage a professional hairdresser to provide regular haircut at the branches and grocery shopping service for the elderly, and pay attention to the physical and mental health of senior citizens.

Once again, I sincerely thank everyone for your support. Thanks to Honorouble Chairman, directors, charity ambassadors, and benevolent ambassadors for their continued contributions. We are also grateful to the physicians, therapists, and colleagues who have been quietly working at the frontline. Unity is strength. Everyone works together to save lives, to save the poor and miserable. For over a hundred years Sian Chay has been delivering a good cause.”

In response to the needs of the residents, Sian Chay Moulmein-Cairnhill Branch went into operations on 28th November, 2017. Mr. I.S.P sponsored $300,000 for the renovation of Moulmein-Cairnhill Branch. The entire project took only 52 days to complete, costing only $148,300. We would like to thank Ms. Annie Gan and her team for their dedication to the construction of the branch. Mr I.S.P also agreed to Sian Chay to use the balance funds for the daily operations of the branch.

Currently, there is one physician, one Tuina therapist, and two TCM assistants in the new branch. The average daily patient visit is about 80 . We are planning to deploy another physician and ramp up the average daily patient visit to 150. By 15th March, Moulmein-Cairnhill Branch has served 6176 patient visits and dispensed 10137 dosages of  prescriptions.

Sian Chay has 15 branches in total, serving more than 1,200 people daily. Sian Chay also supported 4 wellness centres where 10,000 residents take part in healthy activities every year. In the past four years (2014 to 2017), Sian Chay served a total of 980,000 patient visits and dispensed over 1.81 million dosages of prescriptions. In the next five years (2018-2022), the estimated number of patient visits will be 2.5 million, and the number of dosages prescriptions is estimated at 4.8 million.

“Trust , Action, Attitude, and Conduct ” form the integrity and virtues of charity work.

Sian Chay Medical Institution is a social enterprise, in social management to serve the society. I urge everyone to share charitable resources and serve the public via Sian Chay charity TCM platform.

We hope that everyone will share Sian Chay charity TCM platform with more people, so that more people will be able to learn about Sian Chay, understanding Sian Chay, and improve Sian Chay . We expect that more people will join Sian Chay to do good deeds, give back to the society, benefit the people, and create a harmonious and beautiful social environment.

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