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SCMI Charity Love Concert

26 Nov 2017

Guest of Honour Mr Henry Kwek, MP for Nee Soon GRC; School principals and representatives; distinguished guests; members of the audience. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to be present at our event today. I am Martin Ong, EXCO Chairman of Volta. Volta is a student-inspired and student-led organisation which promotes student engagement in community involvement projects. We hope to reach out to students and empower them to initiate and lead their own community involvement projects, inspiring a new generation of student leaders with a heart for our community.

First off, I would like to thank a few people, without whom this event would not have been possible. I would like to thank our partner Sian Chay Medical Institution. Our team started this project with Sian Chay at the end of last year, and the invaluable guidance and support they have given us helped us learn a lot more about charity as a whole, and all the little things that constitute a successful event. Sian Chay Medical Institution has been serving the community since 1901, providing low cost healthcare to those who are in need, and has since expanded to providing healthcare at 14 ?medical centres all around Singapore. It is our hope to raise awareness for Sian Chay and inspire youths in Singapore to have a more community-centric mindset. Next, we would like to thank UnUsUaL Limited for being our main sponsor, and mentoring us throughout the course of the project.

Working with them was an eye-opening experience for our team, as it was a rare opportunity to learn valuable skills not normally obtainable through school. We are grateful for the patience they showed us, showing our members the step by step process to organising the event. We would also like to thank Downtown East for actively supporting our event at this wonderful venue today – this event would not have been possible without you. Next, I would like to extend my gratitude to the principals and representatives from the schools who have made it down today to be a part of this event. Your presence means a lot to us. Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone else in the audience who is spending time with us tonight, we appreciate the support of each and everyone of you here.

Without further ado, let’s have the MCs back on stage. I hope everyone will have an enjoyable night ahead. *mic drop*