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29 Mar 2017


The Sian Chay Charity Draw 2017 was officially launched in conjunction with the JCI Mandarin Singapore Installation Nite on 29th March 2017 at Park Royal Hotel, Emerald Ballroom, 181 Kitchener Road, Singapore. Chairman Mr Toh Soon Huat BBM PVPA represented Sian Chay as Special Guest at the official launch.

To support Sian Chay’s fundraising efforts, JCI Mandarin Singapore will be organising the Inaugural Sian Chay Charity Draw 2017  supported by Tote Board and Singapore Turf club to raise $300,000 through the sales of 100,000 charity draws @$3 each through the branches, Pools HQ, Directors’ contacts and JCI contacts. The funds raised will be able to support 30,000 patient visits in 2017. The Organising committee has been designated the Charity Draw ambassadors for the fundraising project to reach out to the community for support.

At the launch, $40,000 was raised through the pledges by the following benevolent donors and supporters:

1) Honourable Chairman Dato’ Seri Dr Derek Goh BBM: $10,000

2) Chairman Dato’ Seri Dr Toh Soon Huat BBM PVPA: $10,000

3) Chairman’s business partner: JC Max Goh (Mayzer Estate Venture III Pte Ltd): $5,000

4) ED Benjie Ng: $3,000

5) JCI Senator Victor Wong: $1,000

6) Anonymous donor: $5,000

7) Others: $6,000

In addition, Tote Board has approved a maximum grant of $50,000 to defray the fundraising expenses of the Sian Chay Charity Draw 2017.

The Charity Draw is the second charity project organised by JCI Mandarin Singapore in support of Sian Chay.  In 2015, JCI Mandarin Singapore organised the Inaugural Healing Arts Charity Gala Concert to raise $170,000 to part sponsor the renovation costs of the Jalan Kayu branch at 219 Jalan Kayu #01-01, Pei Hwa Building, Singapore 799442.

Sian Chay is indeed appreciative of JCI Mandarin Singapore ‘s support and contribution towards Sian Chay’s mission to provide free TCM consultation, subsidized medicine and treatment for the community regardless of race or religion.