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Sian Chay Love and Care Charity Concert 2018″ Successfully completed

11 Aug 2018

“Sian Chay Love and Care Charity Concert 2018” Successfully completed.

Fostering racial harmony and enhancing national understanding make Singapore better. On evening of 11th August 2018 (Saturday) , ” Sian Chay Love and Care Charity Concert “, co-organized by Sian Chay Medical Institution and Volta, was held NTUC Pasir Ris Downtown East D’ Marquee.

The Volta team was represented by the student orchestra from UWCSEA Singapore, Raffles Institution, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and many schools from the North cluster. The Guest of Honour was Mr. Lee Hong Chuang BBM, Grassroots Adviser to Hougang Grassroots Organisations. The purpose of the concert was not only for fundraising, but also for more people to understand Sian Chay Medical Institution, to allow more young people to participate in this charity cause, and to enable more people in need to receive help and feel the love of the society.

Over 1,000 guests, including supporters, sponsors, school principals, teachers, students attended the event, and the general public who had been generously supported Sian Chay Medical Institution for many years.

Last year, Shan Chay Medical Institution and Volta teamed up with Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Raffles Girls’ School, and Raffles Institution to successfully hosted the “Sian Chay Love and Care Charity Concert”. The wonderful performance by the students was very impressive.

Mr. Toh Soon Huat, Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, shared in his speech, “Arts comes from cultivation, arts comes from taste, and it comes from the perception of life, light and beauty. Sian Chay organised the concert not only for fundraising, but also for more people to understand Sian Chay and encourage the young people to participate in this great and meaningful cause of charity. Let them learn the principles of life, such as respect, filial piety, sharing and commitment. At the meantime, helping more needy people receive help and feel the care and respect from the society.

We cannot determine the lifespan, but we can determine its width and make it more meaningful. We should change and improve ourselves at every moment, every occurrence, every experience and every bottleneck of the life, so as to make ourselves distinctive from others and benefit the people around us .”

Guest of Honour, Mr. Lee Hong Chuang BBM shared that, ” Today we commend the energy of the new generation because they can bring infinite possibilities for the future. From them, we have a set of beautiful vocabulary, “young, passionate, loving hearted, sunny…”, fueled with endless positive energy of a country’s future. They are the people who inherited from their predecessors and look to the future. On their shoulders, they carry on the human civilization to a better tomorrow.

What love needs is the synergy of kindness, the strive for the brilliant future, and the faith in all future possibilities. Today we are gathered here, with a tender heart and a determined choice. And we will certainly see a more prosperous future in these young faces.

Since 1901, Sian Chay Medical Institution has been serving the community and helping the needy people with the spirit of charity. The five core values, “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing” are the guiding spirit of love for Sian Chay. Gratitude to Sian Chay Medical Institution for its dedication to the society.”

Cheers and Praises for the Wonderful Performances

The beautiful melodies of Chinese music, guitar singing, cross-border combination of Erhu and piano, and passionate drums, each programme won applause and even enthusiastic cheers from the audience. The wonderful performances were more than phenomenal.

They spread universal love and compassion with their voices and body language of love, sharing the true love of humanity to Sian Chay as well as Singapore.

At the end of the event, Sian Chay Charity Ambassador Lee Shih Shiong was invited to lead the students to sing the theme song ” Sian Chay’s Benevolence”.

Chairman Toh Soon Huat also said that “Every donation of $10 will benefit a patient from a low-income family to enjoy free consultation and medicine in Sian Chay clinic. Helping one patient is equivalent to helping an entire family getting relief from suffering and live a blissful life.”

Through this event, we hope to share Sian Chay TCM charity platform with more people, and allow more people to know about Sian Chay, understand Sian Chay, and improve Sian Chay. We expect more and more people to walk along with Sian Chay, doing good deeds, giving back to the society, benefiting the people, and creating a harmonious and beautiful social atmosphere.

Sian Chay Medical Institution is very grateful to the Guest of Honour, and the school managements, principals, social groups, entrepreneurs, benevolent people and students for their kind support and dedication.

On behalf of the Sincere thanks to UnUsUal Group and NTUC Downtown East for their full support for the concert.

We look forward to the benevolent people from all walks of life to assist Sian Chay to extend the medical services to the public. We look forward to your participation and support. Thank you.

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