SIAN CHAY LOVE AND CARE CHARITY DINNER – Message from the Organizing Committee Chairman Dr. Simon Keak PBM

04 Jun 2018


Message from the Organising Committee Chairman

Dr. Simon Keak PBM

Vice Chairman, Sian Chay Medical Institution

Honorable Guest-of-Honour Mr Henry Kwek, Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, Mr Toh Soon Huat JP, BBM, PVPA, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, ladies and gentlemen, a very good evening!

I would like to thank Sian Chay Chairman Dr Toh for his confidence in me, in entrusting me with the task of Organizing Chairman for this Sian Chay Love and Care Charity Dinner. I am greatly honoured while feeling the heavy responsibility on my shoulder. With your earnest support, we are able to proceed smoothly with tonight’s charity dinner, and therefore I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost sincere appreciation for your support towards Sian Chay!

Sian Chay Medical Institution was established in 1901 by a group of benevolent people to provide medical treatment to the poor. For over a century, Sian Chay has been maintaining its original goal, that is to serve the disadvantaged and needy, by providing free TCM consultation and subsidized medication, regardless of race and religion.

Sian Chay has since also advanced forward to keep up with development in the modern era. Under the leadership of Chairman Mr Toh, Sian Chay phased out of the traditional charity model and set up 15 branches within a short span of 5 years. Daily patient visit has reached 1200, while the operating cost is around S$6 million per year.  At the same time, Sian Chay has also supported 4 wellness centers in Sengkang South, Boon Lay, Marsiling and Yio Chu Kang, enabling thousands of residents to participate in a variety of healthy lifestyle activities. These are indeed very encouraging achievements, but they have also brought us tremendous challenges. A big budget is required to sustain the daily operations of the 15 clinics. Fund-raising is critical for us, and is also the foundation for us to do good. After years of determined effort, we are glad that many benevolent individuals, entrepreneurs & community leaders have come forward after being touched by Mr Toh Soon Huat’s devotion towards charity. Some are serving as volunteers and support us with their actions, while others have donated generously to Sian Chay. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation towards these individuals, for their selfless dedication and significant contributions over the past many years.

For me, charity is not just about financial contribution, but more importantly, we should try to spread the spirit of love with our message of “Trust, Action, Attitude and action”, to rally more people to join us. At this juncture, I would like to request that everyone share Sian Chay’s charity TCM platform with more people, so that more will understand Sian Chay’s concept of charity, and help Sian Chay to improve.

In addition to having family responsibility, entrepreneurs like us also bear an even heavier social responsibility. The society is the fertile ground for enterprises to prosper. Entrepreneurs must therefore know how to pay back to the society, helping the poor and assisting the disadvantaged group, because if the society becomes better, businesses will also get better. Charity work is a good way to giving back to society. I hope that more people can join me and work together to do good, using Sian Chay’s charitable activities as a platform. Under the leadership of our Chairman Mr Toh Soon Huat, Sian Chay ushers in a new charity era to benefit everyone who needs help, share the message of love with every Singaporean, and creating a harmonious society where everyone caring for one another, and helping the needy and the sick amongst us.

Finally, let me once again thank all the corporations, societal organisations and individuals who have been supporting Sian Chay. Thanks very much for all your generous donations and earnest support! My appreciation also goes to the Sian Chay directors for your unfailing support, the Organizing Committee members for your concerted efforts behind the scene. Thank you for making tonight’s charity dinner a resounding success!