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Sian Chay Medical Institution Conferred 2017 Charitable Institution Award, May Singapore’s Reputation Prevails Around the World

28 Dec 2017

Sian Chay Medical Institution Conferred 2017 Charitable Institution Award,

May Singapore’s Reputation Prevails Around the World

28th December 2017

“Singapore Sian Chay Medical Institution provides free Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation to the public. For over a century since its founding, it has been consistently promoting the philanthropic cause of social service and charity work. Please join us to deliver goodwill to every needy person . Let ‘goodwill’ prevails in Singapore. Let ‘helping’ become a daily routine in everyone’s life and make Singapore the “home of heart” for everyone.”

— Toh Soon Huat

On 28th December 2017, the 11th International Philanthropy Forum cum the 5th Livelihood Development Forum was held in Beijing. Jiang Zhenghua, Vice Chairman of the 10th NPC Standing Committee, Bai Lichen, the Vice Chairman of the 11th CPPCC National Committee, Zhang Jianxing, Vice President of People’s Daily, Yu Dan, Dean of the Institute for Cultural Innovation and Communication of Beijing Normal University and over 800 people including movie stars, benevolent entrepreneurs and media reporters attended the event.

The Forum, under the guidance of People’s Daily, Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Red Cross, was co-organized by <Minsheng Weekly> of People’s Daily, China Red Cross Career Development Center, China Social Assistance Foundation, China SOS Children’s Villages Society, China Charities Aid Foundation for Children, Organization Committee of Philanthropy Forum and some other organizations.

During the event, Chairman Toh Soon Huat was awarded 2017 Charity Organization Award and 2017 China Charity Personality Award by the Organizating Committee of China International Philanthropy Forum.

It’s a recognition and acknowledgement. Moreover, it’s a motivation and aspiration. Trust, action, attitude and conduct form the integrity and virtues of  charity work. This is not only because that he and his Singapore friends organized the first disaster-relief fund-raising performance by overseas Chinese right after the May 12th earthquake in 2008, and organized TV fund-raising event named “Love beyond Borders ”, which ranked highest in TV viewership that year in Singapore and raised SGD $10 million. Moreover, he actively worked in China and Singapore to help China build 7 new schools and a new bridge.

In Mr. Toh’s views , there is neither obstacle to deliver good deeds, or boundary of compassion. Under his leadership, Sian Chay has developed from one single clinic to the current network of 15 branches and supported 4 wellness centres in Singapore. Sian Chay serves over 1,200 patient visits daily and has brought laughter and happiness to 10,000 residents attending the wellness centres.

As there many needy people that seek our help, Sian Chay cordially invites you to join our cause. Every donation of $10 can help one patient visit from low-income family to benefit from free consultation, medication, tuina therapy and wellness lifestyle at Sian Chay. At the meantime, it will help a family of four to stay away from pain and enjoy a happy life. The donation reflects not only the warmth of humanity, but the heaven’s blessing to the individuals and families. Anyone who has a compassionate heart will surely bring more love and hope to oneself and own family.

Sian Chay will continue to uphold its core values of “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing” and the belief of “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People.” to support nation building and foster social harmony. From the society, for the society. We devote our efforts to our beautiful Singapore to make it a dream home for all.

Mr. Toh Soon Huat gave up his business and devoted himself whole-heartedly into philanthropy. He rejuvenated the century-old Sian Chay Medical Institution with shines of love. He said, “Choose Sian Chay out of compassion, choose to accept out of release, choose to shoulder the responsibility out of karma, choose to contribute out of gratitude, choose universal love out of life.”