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Sian Chay Medical Institution delivers a We Care essentials pack to the residents

31 Aug 2018

Sian Chay Medical Institution delivers a We Care essentials pack to the residents

Friday, 31 August 2018

On 31 August, Sian Chay Medical Institution organized the “Care and Share ” Gift Pack distribution at 610 Geylang Main branch. The care and share event was supported by 玉封靈善壇.

玉封靈善壇 is dedicated to caring for the needy people just like Sian Chay. This event started because they were inspired by Sian Chay for providing free Chinese traditional medicine consultation and low-cost treatment for the needy regardless of race, religion or nationality for over a century. They donated 40 gift packs for the patients.

At 10 am, Vice Chairman Dr. Simon Keak Lai Heng and Director Mr. Anthony Aiw, begun to distribute gift packs to those beneficiaries who received waiver from medical expenses at Geylang Main Branch. They were all from low-income families, financially needy and elderly residents. They received waiver of medical expenses through recommendation by physicians at Geylang branch or self-applications by themselves. The event benefited a total of 84 patients islandwide.

One of the recipients of the gift pack, Mdm Huang Yu Yun said, “I live alone. My children are not able to take good care of me after they moved out. I am very grateful to the Sian Chay Whampoa Branch for looking after me.” Another 35-year-old patient dropped by Sian Chay HQ with his mother. His mother shared that her son had had convulsion since very young age, and could not take care of himself. She had to look after him for more than 30 years. The mother was once so desperate that she even thought about taking his son to jump off the building because of too much pressure in life. “The medical charge used to be over $80 for a TCM consultation in Chinatown, which we could hardly afford. Fortunately, a friend introduced Sian Chay to us and we were lucky enough to have the medical expenses waived. We are so grateful to Sian Chay for the help to my son and my family.”

Ms. Wang said, “I am sorry I am late. I just finished my tuina.” Ms. Wang’s husband suffered a stroke at the age of 60. The condition of her family was extremely difficult. She had to keep working while taking care of her husband. She often had a backache and having sleeping problem at night. After her husband started to visit Sian Chay clinic for two years, he has been able to see the doctor on foot by himself instead of on a wheelchair. The effect of the treatment is remarkable. As a result, she is very grateful to Sian Chay. When Sian Chay staff handed the gift pack to her, she repeatedly bowed saying thanks.

Sian Chay Medical Institution delivered care and love to residents through this activity. Meanwhile, it promotes the five core values through its own actions, which are “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”. Through active participation in the charity events, Sian Chay is also practicing its social responsibility raised by Chairman Toh Soon Huat, which is “From the society, For the society”, and taking care of the vulnerable groups, with labor or money. We wish everyone could work together to contribute to charity cause with one’s own effort. Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forwards with the Nation, Bonding with the People. It will make a better society. This is not only the commitment of Sian Chay, but also the inherent responsibility and obligation of every Singaporean. Let’s move forward and work together for a better Singapore.