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Sian Chay Medical Institution Invites 1000 seniors to the “YESTERDAY ONCE MORE” Concert

24 Oct 2019

Sian Chay Medical Institution Invites 1000 seniors to the “YESTERDAY ONCE MORE” Concert

Sian Chay Medical Institution will invite 1,000 senior residents of different communities to the “YESTERDAY ONCE MORE” concert while supporting the concert.

Chairman Toh Soon Huat said, “Charity and art combining well in love and empathy for benevolence to all. Music as an art is the most vibrant art that combines goodness and beauty, because it moves our hearts and senses and adds colour to life. Charity is the sunshine of human civilization. It is a powerful force that symbolizes the light of society.”

Chairman also said, “Art and charity are both indispensable in life, because music is borderless, and music and charity together will purify the soul and enrich life and bring touching moments to life. Many senior citizens can’t afford concert tickets because of financial issues. Therefore, Sian Chay Medical Institution hopes to give them a pleasant surprise by giving them free tickets, while letting them learn more about Sian Chay’s free TCM consultation services, promote good health and enjoy a good weekend!”!

“YESTERDAY ONCE MORE” is a sing-along concert co-organised by mm2 and J Team.  It will be held on 27th October at Suntec City Convention Centre. The hosts of the concert are Mark Lee, Wang Lei and Lee Peifen.  Renown local artistes Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Wang Lei, Marcus Chin、Henry Thia、Emiliano Cyrus、Desmond Ng、Li Fei Hui、Jason Chung、Hong Shao Xuan、Ryan Lian will jog our memories with the classic popular songs from 1960s to 1990s.

Sian Chay Medical Institution Actively Encourages Good Deeds

Sian Chay Medical Institution has 15 branches around Singapore serving more than 1,400 patient visits per day. It also sponsors 4 wellness centres that organizes many beneficial activities for many residents every year. Since its establishment, Sian Chay has been actively involved in charity activities for communities to promote awareness of health, encourage healthy activities, and helping more non-Chinese residents understand Chinese culture. For example, we had Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, invited the elderly and residents to watch performance shows, distributed more than 20,000 cane umbrellas to the elderly, shared more than 5,000 rice dumplings and more than 10,000 boxes of moon cakes with our patients and low-income families, and invited about 8,000 seniors to various concerts.

Sian Chay Medical Institution also employs part-time hairdressers and engages volunteers to cut hair for the elderly, invited celebrities to give art courses to the residents in the communities, and distributed shopping bags and more than 10,000 goodie bags to low-income families. Sian Chay also actively encourages the younger generation to do good deeds, organised volunteer teams many times and involved benevolent individuals, and helped new immigrants to integrate into the local culture.