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Sian Chay Medical Institution Is Collaborating With NTU To Establish $1m NTU Student Bursary Fund

22 Jan 2021
‘Sian Chay Medical Institution Is Collaborating With NTU To Establish $1m NTU Student Bursary Fund’.
Another breakthrough for century-old traditional Chinese medicine charity Sian Chay Medical Institution!
A new milestone partnership initiative with Nanyang Technological University to establish the $1 million “Sian Chay Medical Institution Bursary Fund”.
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On January 22, 2021, Nanyang Technological University’s Vice President (University Advancement), Ms. Lien Siaou-Sze, Director, Alumni Engagement Mr. Th’ng Beng Hooi, and Director, Annual Giving and Stewardship, Mr. Harlan McMurray and Head, Business & Community Partners Development Office, Mr Eugene Lee visited Sian Chay Medical Institution Headquarters for the signing ceremony of the endowment gift agreement between Sian Chay Medical Institution and Nanyang Technological University witnessed by guest of honour, Mr. Alvin Tan, Minister of State for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Trade and Industry. Toh Soon Huat, JP, Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, and NTU Vice President (University Advancement) Ms. Lien Siaou-Sze signed the “Sian Chay Endowment Gift agreement of “Sian Chay Medical Institution Bursary Fund”. The ceremony was also attended by Sian Chay Board of Directors : Jackson Teo PBM, Yap Seng Teck PBM, Annie Gan PBM, Kenny Lim, Clifton Yong and Ng Cher Yan BBM.
The setting up of the Sian Chay Medical Institution Bursary Fund is a new milestone between the traditional Chinese medicine charity sector and the education sector. The bursary aims to help needy students of NTU by easing the financial pressure on their families, let them focus on furthering their studies in this reputable university to become the pillars of society in future.
Sian Chay will donate each year up to $100,000 per year matching the quantum raised under the NTU’s Graduation Giving Programme from this year to Year 2030, in support of the Fund. This aims to instill in graduating students a sense of giving to raise funds that help fellow needy students from their university. Starting next year, one student will benefit under this bursary every year. After 2030, 10 students can benefit each year, each student can receive a bursary of $6,000.
Mr Alvin Tan, Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth & Trade and Industry said, “The gift of education should be available to all students in Singapore, regardless of background. I commend Sian Chay Medical Institution and Nanyang Technological University for working together to set up this new Bursary Fund, as it seeks to benefit students in need, and inculcate a culture of giving in the graduating cohort. I hope that our youth will continue to grow the spirit of SG Cares as they enter the workforce, and give back to society in meaningful ways.
Mr Toh Soon Huat, Executive Chairman, Sian Chay Medical Institution said, “The Sian Chay Medical Institution Bursary Fund is a significant part of Sian Chay’s 120th Anniversary celebration this year, another milestone of Sian Chay. Setting up the fund is congruent with Sian Chay’s mission of serving the society. The bursary is open to every qualified NTU undergraduate, regardless of race or religion. This is in line with Sian Chay’s aim to facilitate racial harmony.
Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People. Education impacts families, society, the country, the world, the universe, and nature. Education is algned with benevolent knowledge and positive energy. Schools should not only be professional, and aligned with society’s developments but also be the special place to groom talents for society, be a place for interaction, learning, upgrading, transforming, shaping of character, and gaining insights into the world.
In our partnership with NTU, beyond the gift of an education, we want to encourage the younger generation to have a heart to care for society, participate in charity, do their part to serve the society, and spread universal love, empathy, and positive energy. We also want to encourage more companies and kind individuals to step forward to serve the society, so that the needy around us can receive help while we take up the responsibility to serve society and help our country progress. We also hope that students will engage Sian Chay’s traditional Chinese medicine charity platform through sharing our services with their relatives, friends, neighbours as well as the needy.”
Ms Lien Siaou-Sze, Vice President for University Advancement at NTU Singapore said, “We are heartened by the generous donation and partnership from Sian Chay Medical Institution. This gift will enable NTU students from underprivileged families to pursue their education without being discouraged by their family’s financial circumstances. We also hope that this will inspire a culture of giving among our students to keep the virtuous cycle moving.”
After the signing of the endowment gift agreement, Minister of State Mr Alvin Tan, Chairman Toh and Vice-President Ms Lien also interacted with the media.
Looking at the 5 core values of Sian Chay: Forgiveness, compassion, universal love, gratitude and blessings, you will notice that “forgiveness, compassion, and universal love” come from inner cultivation, life perspectives, life philosophy, and an attitude of gratitude and brightness towards life. These can solve many problems affecting physical and mental health, social harmony, interpersonal relationship, conflicts, and ignorance. I hope everyone can practice these values and integrate them into their lives.
Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People. Sian Chay Medical Institution cooperates with the country’s construction and offers a love and contribution to the country. Sian Chay Medical Institution is grateful to the Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation for their contribution and dedication to our country. The Pioneer Generation, receives complete fee waiver of Sian Chay Medical Institution’s services. The Merdeka Generation enjoys preferential prices of medication at $1.50 a day and prices of other services are also discounted. Those on welfare benefit or low-income families can apply for fee waiver at Sian Chay branches.
Sian Chay Medical Institution has 13 branches islandwide providing free consultation and medical subsidies for Chinese medicine. In the past 7 years (2014 to 2020), Sian Chay has served a total of about 2,302,470 patient visits and issued 4,494,903 prescriptions. In the next five years (2021-2025), the number of patient visits is estimated to reach 2.5 million, and the number of prescriptions issued is estimated to be 4.8 million. By helping a sick patient in a family, it also helps all members of the family, freeing them from suffering, while creating a happy family, and a harmonious and peaceful society.
We welcome everyone to share the charitable Chinese medicine service of Sian Chay Medical Institution with relatives, friends, neighbours and the needy! We will do our best to serve them with love and warmth!
The work of charity needs universal love, empathy, and like-minded bright people working to do good together
Thank to all for your support and encouragement to Sian Chay Medical Institution.
With gratitude and blessings to you.