In order to help families affected by the pandemic, n January 30 and 31, 2021, to ease their life pressures.
Each Sian Chay Care and Share gift pack contained biscuits, instant noodles, rice, Milo, oatmeal and other halal-certified food worth $20.
Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC Cheryl Chan Wei Ling penned this in the greeting card: Dear residents, the lives of many neighbours and friends have been badly affected by the pandemic this year. Here is a Care and Share gift pack to wish you and your family good health and successful endeavours!
Toh Soon Huat, JP said that the Chinese character for country contains the word “family”. In fact, a home is like a small “country” and “country” is like a big “family”. The gift bags from Sian Chay Medical Institution may not be able to solve every difficulty of residents in life, but it can bring them warmth and hope in this extraordinary period.
So far, Sian Chay Medical Institution has distributed about 20,000 Care and Share gift packs to needy residents and HDB rental flat residents to help ease their pressure in life, care for them, and spread positive energy. We expect this care and concern gesture will benefit more people in future, and in turn more families.
Charity is about sharing and giving joy. Everyone is needed to work together and contribute to do good. The able should take on more social responsibilities to help the needy in society. Only then can society become more harmonious, joyful, bright and healthy.
I am very thankful to Member of Parliament Cheryl Chan and the public for their support and encouragement to Sian Chay Medical Institution. Our blessings to them.
The essence of philanthropy is universal love, empathy, and partnering to do good together.