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Sian Chay Medical Institution Punggol North Branch officially launched to serve residents

01 Apr 2017

Sian Chay Medical Institution Punggol North Branch officially launched to serve residents

1st April 2017

The official opening ceremony of Punggol North Branch, 13th branch of Sian Chay Medical Institution, was officiated by Mr. Ng Chee Meng, Minister of Education (Schools) and the Second Minister of Transport on 1st April at 3pm. The other VIP guests who attended the ceremony, included Prof. Tan Eng Chye, Vice President of National University of Singapore, Prof. Zeng Zaiben, Prof. Chu Hongjun, Director Cao Beibei, Dr. Zhang Weina and alumni of EMBA Class 24, and Mr. Pang Lim, Chairman of Board of Koufo Food court chain, Ms. Yan Yuying of SCB Building Construction, Mr. Su Yikun of Chang Cheng Group, and kind hearted supporters and directors and colleagues of Sian Chay.

The construction of Punggol North Branch commenced on 3rd October 2016 and was completed by the beginning of 2017. The branch commenced its service on 13th February. Since its inception, it has been serving over 50 patients daily. Todate, it has served 1,668 patients and dispensed 3,087 dosages of prescriptions.

The branch is manned by a physician, a tuina therapist, two TCM assistants. Punggol Branch will have two more physicians to cope with the increase in the number of patients to 100 a day.

In his speech, Minister Ng said: “Sian Chay helps the public with its charitable mission, alleviates patient’s pain and financial burden, which is a commendable spirit.” He believes that Sian Chay is not only providing low-cost medical services, but also promoting the concept of benevolence as a role model. “It is a unique partner for the community and public .” Minister Ng hopes that young residents can visit Sian Chay personally to understand its services, and to experience the difference between showing compassion and charity.

Mr. Toh Soon Huat, in his speech, said, ” Sian Chay has a total of 13 branches serving with over 1,000 patient visits per day. In addition, there are four Wellness Centres in

Sengkang South, Boon Lay, Marsiling and Yio Chu Kang. Every year, over 10,000 residents participated in a variety of beneficial physical and mental recreational activities.” Speaking of compassion and charity, he said:” Compassion is random, which could be affected by personal feelings. One could stop it at any time. While charity is a commitment, which will not be changed by personal feelings or choices. Charity is about devotion, more and more.”

The construction cost of the Punggol North Branch was sponsored by the NUS EMBA Class 24 Alumni, under the leadership of our Director, Ms. Lu Yanping who raised the collective sum of $233,806. Mr. Pang Lim BBM, Chairman of Koufo, sponsored $100,000. In addition, Mr. Pang Lim and Dato Sri Ricky Kok, Chairman of Chang Cheng Group, will each donate $50,000 every year to co-sponsor the Punggol North Branch.

With the operations of the Punggol North Branch, Sian Chay will help more people to relieve their suffering and enjoy healthy lifestyle while adhering to the spirit of Sian Chay: Respectful trust, Respectful approach, Respectful attitude, and Respectful action.

Sian Chay hopes that more loving hearted people will join hands to spread their care and love to more people through a better awareness and understanding of Sian Chay . Hoping that more people to join Sian Chay in its charity work; and payback to society and benefit more people with social harmony.

Mr. Toh Soon Huat, Chairman of Sian Chay, promotes the 5 core values namely; Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing. He always mentioned “ Serving the society, benefiting the society.” Working together to care for the vulnerable and needy by contributing money or labour.

Mr. Toh often mentions the concept ” Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People.” This is not only the commitment of Sian Chay, but also responsibility of each Singaporean. Forward together for a better future of Singapore.

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