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Sian Chay Nite, Gathering of Love –” Sian Chay Bonding with Love Night”

07 Jul 2019

Sian Chay Nite, Gathering of Love
–” Sian Chay Bonding with Love Night”
7th July 2019

On 7th July, 118-year-old Sian Chay Medical Institution hosted the ” Sian Chay Bonding with Love Night” for the first time in a100 years. Fish Leong, Juddy On, Anna Lin, Daniel Lo, Ricky Hsiao, Sean Tseng, participated in the event. President Halimah Yacob, Patron of Sian Chay Medical Institution was the Guest of Honour at the event. The TV viewership was 810,000 according to the audience rating of Channel 8 and the number will be over 1 million including the repeat telecast on Sunday ( 14th July). A total of $8.46 million dollars were raised at the event, far exceeding the initial target of $5 million.

Although we only spent three months to organise the event, but we spent three years developing the concept. Chairman Toh said, “It is very difficult to organize such a large-scale event within three months. I could not sleep well in the last three months, but we’ve successfully completed it. Thank you very much for your support and cooperation!”

During the event, Sian Chay’s Charity Ambassadors, Mr Lee Wei Shiong and Mr Lee Shih Shiong, Zoe Tay, Jay Lim, Chen Han Wei, Desmond Tan and more than 40 students performed the theme song of “Sian Chay’s Benevolence”. Malay legendary singer, Rahimah Rahim brought us a Chinese song “Wang Zhaojun.; MediaCorp’s new generation artistes Mei Xin、Fang Rong, Jasmine Sim、Priscella Chan and the Indian dancers put on a wonderful Indian dance performance; Jamila Wang and her daughter also brought classic Bollywood Dance; Vincent Ng and Singapore Tai Chi National Team member (World Tai Chi Champion) He Lin Poh, 2017 Winter Games double-gold winner Lim Ser Wei, led the dancers from Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation Singapore and Dance Ensemble Singapore to deliver a combination of dance and martial arts – “Dance and Wushu Shining the Heart”; Joanna Dong 、Jimmy Ye、Hong Shao Xuan and Sebastian Tan performed a jazz medley, combining “Beginning”, “Worry”, “Water Words” and “Like You” into a wonderful audio-visual feast; the dialect rap written by Marcus Chin, and performed by Marcus Chin、 Richard Low、Zhu Hou Ren、Mark Lee、Henry Thia and Henry Heng, won cheers and applause from the audience. All the programmes were wonderful and dizzying.

Jackie Chan, Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin, and Liu Chia-Chang were unable to attend the event for personal commitments, but they also expressed their support and encouragement by video recording.

At the cheque presentation, the following companies and entrepreneurs made generous donations:

1. 郭瑞兴先生 Business Development Director of BreadTalk
2. 黄文辉先生 Director of Charles & Keith
3. 沈川生先生 Deputy CEO, CK Department Store
4. 朱志强先生 Chairman and Executive Director of K2 F&B Holdings
廖宝云女士 Executive Director, K2 F&B Holdings
5. 李振进伉俪 Honorary Secretary of San Wang Wu Ti
6. 拿督斯里吴木兴博士BBM伉俪 Executive Chairman and Group CEO of
Serial System Group
7. 张学彬博士PBM CEO of Union Gas Holdings
黄荣辉先生 Dy CEO of Union Gas Holdings
8. 拿督吴和敬伉俪 President of Pertama Hijau Group
9. 蒋友俊伉俪 Mr and Mrs Eugene Chiang
11.陈怀丹女士 Managing Director of Haiyi Group
12.陈积光先生 Chairman and CEO of Oxley Group Holdings
13.张玉琴女士 Director of Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio
白明保先生 Director of Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio
14.卓芳存女士 高天福先生与翁妹娇女士Estate Trustees
陈凯翔先生 高天福先生与翁妹娇女士Investment Trustee
15. 傅文克伉俪 Mr and Mrs Melvin Poh

In addition to the above, there were also many other donors. According to the staff, several anonymous people were moved by the show and left a cheque of $10,000 on the front desk. The staff asked their names for times but they just said, “This is a token of our contribution.”

The donation hotline of Sian Chay Medical Institution will be available from now until 31st July. You can call the hotlines to make your donation.
$10 – 1900 112 0808
$30 – 1900 112 1818
$50 – 1900 112 2828
$100 – 1900 112 3838
Above $100 donation hotline: 6386 6868
(The hotline is open from Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm)

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