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Sian Chay Physicians attended the International Conference on the Modernisation of Chinese Medicine

15 Nov 2016

Sian Chay Physicians attended the International Conference on the Modernisation of Chinese Medicine

On 23rd October, a number of experts in Chinese and Western Medicine from all over the world gathered at Singapore Suntec Convention Centre Summit 2 to speak at the International Conference on the Modernisation of Chinese Medicine. 12 physicians from Sian Chay Medical Institution attended the conference.

Sian Chay physicians discussed with experts on topics including “TCM’s global contribution and sustainable development”, healthcare with TCM and emergency rescue.

In the recent years, TCM and TCM physicians have gained significant enhancement in reputation. TCM physicians are based in the government and private hospitals to cooperate with western medicine practitioners to care for the patient care. With the changing demography trends and refinements of health policies, TCM has broaden its prospects in Singapore. Currently, many TCM clinics are managed by charitable organizations supported by donations from benevolent individuals, to provide low cost or free consultation and treatments for the low-income families. This charity sector while caring for the needy also relieves the burden of healthcare system.

Director-General of the WHO calls on the modernization of TCM. She indicated that although new medication or therapy are continuously developed in field of medicine, they are still quite expensive and are complicated in techniques. For diseases, such as cancer and Hep C, each patient will spend USD $50,000 to $150,000 (SGD $70,000 to $210,000) on treatment every year. Even the richest countries can hardly afford that, which is contrary to sustainable development of medical services.

She said, ”Every country, including Singapore, should pay close attention to the sustainability of medical services. The worldwide phenomenon of aging population is affecting countries , rich or poor globally.”

For over a century, Sian Chay started with its mission with TCM consultation and treatment to help the public . It gained reputation among public for its benevolence which was refined by Chairman Toh Soon Huat into the values of Sian Chay to care and love for the public; ie

Forgiveness, universal love, compassion, gratitude and blessings. The commitment of Sian Chay is ‘Nation Building , Social Harmony. We actively promote the concept of “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours”, and “Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People”. We will keep with the times and expand our branch network to serve more people in the community. With the active participation in community charity events and promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging wellness activities, we educate the public on the concept of “Prevention is the best medicine” and to help more people to stay healthy, relieve pain and enjoy happiness as well as help the elderly with a caring and a blissful life.

Twelve of our TCM practitioners attended the conference, hoping to enhance their understanding of TCM for delivering better service. They will inherit the culture of Sian Chay, promote the spirit of Sian Chay, and work diligently to relieve the public from suffering pains and diseases.