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Sian Chay Staff Bonding and Award Presentation 2019

18 Dec 2019

“Sian Chay Staff Bonding and Award Presentation ” was successfully held.

Today (December 18) the ” Sian Chay Staff Bonding and Award Presentation” was successfully held at the Pavilion Singapore. Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution Mr. Toh Soon Huat, JP, Directors Dato’ Seri Jackson Teo PBM, Mr. Kenny Lim, Mr. Yap Seng Tack PBM, Founder of Singapore FOZL Group, Ms. Felinka Zhou, and volunteer Ms. 吴丽艳 also attended the event.

In the morning, Principal of EX International Makeup school 项美丽 together with makeup artists and Founder of Prince Image Consultant 徐敏 together with the stylists provided makeup and styling services to the staff of Sian Chay. Everyone looked refreshed and confident.

The 2019 Award winners include the following:

Long Service Awards

35+ years: Dr.Lee Geok Kea (Since 1983), Dr. Hoo Gian Gwee(since 1981)

10+ years: Miss Teng Yueng Shee (since 2008)

5 years (since 2014): Dr. Ng Seng Hsiong、Dr. Wong Kuen Fah、Ms. Teng Bee Geok、Mr. Ng Yoke Chye 、

Dr Benjie Ng、Mr. Maung Min Zaw


Outstanding Performance Award: Dr. Lu Yanjuan(535)

Best branch:  Whampoa Branch

Best doctor: Dr. Huang Liang Wei(Punggol North)

Best therapist: Mr. Lam Kean Lung(Whampoa)

Outstanding physician: Dr. Tan Cheow Lin(610)、 Dr. Na Tee Chim(Whampoa)、Dr. Chin Chew Seng(Hougang)、

Dr. Sng Kim Siang(Yio Chu Kang)、Dr. Foo Vin Ngee(Pasir Ris West)、Dr. Lem Beng Huat(Marsiling)、

Dr.Liu Wen Sen @ Linda Liu(Gambas)、Dr. Wong Toh Chai(Jalan Kayu)

Outstanding therapist: Ms. Kwah Imm(Whampoa)、Mr. Soo Mun Hon(Punggol North)、Mr. Ng Kok Kee(Marsiling)

Outstanding receptionist: Ms. Tay Siew Lan(535)、Miss Lim Yi Mei(Boon Lay)、Ms. Yang Manli(Whampoa)、

Ms.Tang Hong Eng(Whampoa)、Ms. Wong Sweet Fung(Hougang)、Ms. Chiu Lee Huang Fann(Punggol North)、

Ms. Koh Kin Hear(Punggol North)、Ms. Lim Bee Hong(Marsiling)、

Ms. Ho Choy Hung(Gambas)、Ms. Lum Soak Ching(Moulmein)

In 2019, Sian Chay established a record in “Singapore Book of Records” for “Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Distribution”. The organizing committee praised Sian Chay for carrying forward the traditional Chinese culture, promoting racial harmony, and fostering the core values: Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing. During the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Sian Chay Medical Institution distributed 10,000 boxes of halal low-sugar, low-oil, single-yolk healthy mooncakes across the island (13 constituencies), allowing 10,000 elderly living alone and low-income families to celebrate a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

The “Singapore Book of Records” recorded this activity. Founder and President of the Singapore Book of Records, Mr Ong Eng Huat presented the certificate to Chairman Toh, Directors Jackson Teo and Director Yap Seng Teck, receiving on behalf of Sian Chay. This also became another milestone of the Sian Chay’s charity achievements.

During the event, Chairman Toh Soon Huat also shared his experience and journey in charity as well as his classic quotes,

“I have been volunteering for ten years at Sian Chay, and I have learned and experienced a lot. I really like the core values of Sian Chay: Forgiveness, compassion, universal love, gratitude, and blessings. In fact, forgiveness, compassion, and universal love can solve many problems, including physical and mental health and conflicts between people. I also appreciate the beliefs that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours”, and that “Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People.” because these words carry wisdom, bright vision, universal love, compassion and empathy.

The positioning, connotation, value and meaning of success are different, and the views are also different. We must not excessively pursue fame, status and money with superficial appearance. I should emphasize on connotation, morality, justice, commitment, devotion, gratitude, dedication and spirit of giving back.

Possession is a kind of impermanence, void, and illusion. Fate starts and ends, and we should not be obsessed with the length of time and we actually cannot be obsessed with it.

People usually spend a whole lifetime with desire, anger and ignorance. “You cannot live your life again and it will not come back again.”

Cherish the precious life and respect the value and meaning of life. Don’t live for fame, desire. Survival, life and livelihood are different. Each has its own traits. Survival is about 3 meals a day, livelihood is about entertainments, and life is about projecting brightness and warmth.

We can’t decide the length of life, then we decide its width and make it more meaningful. In the process of life, every moment, every occurrence, every experience, every bottleneck, we should change and improve ourselves, make our life different and benefit ourselves as well as others.

Everyday when we enjoy happiness, we must be grateful to life, and show love and care to those who need help. Only the humble heart and the grateful heart can be sublimated in love.

What is life? Life is not yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Life is to cherish the present, feel gratitude with the present, and commit dedication to the present.

Treasure life, Gratitude to Humanity.”

Thanks again and congratulations to the awardees of Sian Chay in 2019. I hope that next year, everyone will continue to work hard and serve society and public with the most grateful, professional, compassionate and attentive attitude.

Sian Chay Medical Institution is a social enterprise operated by societal management to provide social service. Bless you all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Wishing you all the best!