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Sing a song for “Love”

15 Nov 2016

Sing a song for “Love”

“Your heart, my heart, let’s be sincere. If you want my love, be bold. Don’t hide it into your own and blame me not knowing. Missing is like tornado, feeling is like sauna. I know I know, bold for my love…”

On the evening of 23rd October, “Getai (Song Stage) Star Awards 2016 Grand finale ”, co-organized by “Shin Min Daily News” and “Lianhe Wanbao”, was held at the Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore. The event was hosted by Qi Xian and The Babes. Meanwhile, DJ Limei and Liang Quan from UFM 100.3 were on site to give live broadcast as well.    Sian Chay staff were invited to attend the event as part of the appreciation by Chairman Toh Soon Huat .

At the very beginning, Li Mei inspired the whole audience with “Bold for Love” originally sung by A-mei. Liang Quan showed extraordinary talent with “ Mirage ”. Every song was a heartfelt sentimental tune and everyone was the embodiment of musical notes. Of course, the Best Newcomer Award went to 7-year-old girl ,Wang Qingru, with her innocent voice touching  everyone’s heart.

The Getai Star Awards 2016 ceremony presented a total of 19 awards. Among which, the high-profile Best Male/Female Artiste and Best Host/Hostess awards were professionally assessed by local veterans of entertainment industry, along with votes from audience.

We hope that, through the event, the public who deeply love the arts, will have a better appreciation of the concept of philanthropy and will actively participate in charity . Hope that the public will spread the value and faith of love to enable the needy to benefit from the services rendered by Sian Chay . We also hope that those talented artistes visit Sian Chay frequently to discover the beauty beyond the musical stage. We hope they will help in promoting love and charity activities after participating in more events with Sian Chay.

We hope that more positive minded people will get to know Sian Chay. Our core values are Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing. The commitment of Sian Chay is nation building and social harmony. We actively promote the concept of “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers.

Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours.”  and “Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People”.

We will keep up with latest developments; and expand our branch network to serve more beneficiaries in the community. With active participation in community charity events and promoting healthy lifestyle and encouraging wellness programmes, we educate the public on the concept of “Prevention is the best medicine ” and to help the public to stay healthy, relieve pain and enjoy happiness; and to help the elderly to experience a more caring and blissful life.

Bearing in mind the values of Sian Chay, we will strive to improve our work and advance with great energy.