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Songs Blend with Kindness, Reflection of Benevolent Love and Gratitude

21 Jul 2018

Songs Blend with Kindness, Reflection of Benevolent Love and Gratitude

— A Complete Success of Liu Chia-Chang “ Reminiscence of the memories ” Singapore Concert 2018

Saturday, 21st July 2018

Liu Chia-Chang, the exceptional master of Chinese pop music, who has been absent from Singapore for four years has returned to Singapore with a concert at the avid invitation of the music community.

On 21st July, Liu Chia-Chang’s “Reminiscence of the Memories” Singapore concert was held at THE STAR THEATRE. At the concert, Chen Sheng, Jiang Hui and other famous singer sang the classic songs of Liu Chia-Chang, including “A Curtain of Dreams”, “Autumn Poems”, “Deep Autumn”, “Where is My Home”, “The Seagull”, “Plum Blossom”, “Smoke Rain and Setting Sun”, “The Canal”, ” Reminiscence of the Memories”, ” Just Wanna Live a Day for You”, “Mei Lan Mei Lan I Love You” ” Hundreds of Thousands of Miles on the Road of Love”, “Autumn Anthem”, “Warm Autumn”, “The Clown”, “Deep Courtyard “, “Carnival”, ” True Feeling and True Passion”, ” Deep in My Heart”, and etc.

Some audience at the scene commented: ” There is a maturing flavour in Liu Chia-Chang’s songs. It is very enjoyable to listen to his singing, just like listening to an old friend sharing his story, sometimes relaxed and comfortable, and sometimes profound and intriguing.”

The resonance of the audience was also evoked by the melody of Chen Sheng’s “Leaving the Sadness to Myself”. Zhou Hui sang “Climbing the West Building Alone” and “Moonlight in the West Building”, as well as her own signature song “Promise”. Jiang Lei was the original singer of “On the Water Side” and “Smoke Rain Sun” was the first song written by Liu Chia-Chang for her.

In this concert, Mr. Liu Chia-Chang pledged to donate part of the ticket sales to the Sian Chay Medical Institution, expressing his deep affection for the Singaporeans.

During the event, Wang Hui introduced to the guests the culture, beliefs and values ​​of Sian Chay Medical Institution, and expressed gratitude to the benevolent people who have been always supporting Sian Chay. Mr. Toh Soon Huat, Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, and Mr. Jackson Teo, Secretary, represented Sian Chay to receive the generous donation of $116,888 from Mr. Liu Chia-Chang and Mr Chua Yiren and Mrs Chua from TCR Music Station. The donation can help 11,688 low-income patients, allowing them to enjoy free traditional medical consultations, medications, tuina therapy and health care services.

Sian Chay Chairman Toh Soon Huat said, “Your compassion and good deeds are not ad hoc or random. So please do not bother too much about others say. The love and support for charity from everybody also back the idea of “Compassion shares happiness and universal love shares the empathy”.

For a long period, Sian Chay has actively participated in community charity activities, promoted health awareness, and encouraged wellness activities. Sian Chay also plans to hold Chinese language classes for non-Chinese residents. The charitable activities of Sian Chay, such as arranging professional hairdressers to provide regular haircut for the elderly at the branches, inviting renowned personalities to conduct art classes for residents, distributing goodie bags and etc., have been commended and recognized by people from all walks of life.

” Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing” are the core values of Shan Chay Medical Institution. And every Sian Chay staff is working hard to incorporate these values into the daily code of conduct. It is the beliefs of Sian Chay people that “From the Society, For the Society. Taking care of the disadvantaged groups, with money or efforts. Everyone should do their best to contribute to the charity.” Because they firmly believe that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People. This can make the society a better one.”

Music is the echo of the soul. Music builds a bridge of love for charity and conveys the spirit of love.