Your donation are eligible for tax deduction around 250%


Donation amount


($10,000 x 25)
Tax exemption amount


($100,000 - $25,000)
2020 tax assessable income

You may donate in any of the following ways:

Please be informed of our compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), donors hereby give their consent to Sian Chay Medical Institution to collect the personal data and contact information. The data collected may be used and disclosed for the purpose of issuing receipts, mails, and other related donor management activities.

Visit us personally to make your donation towards our Medical Fund.

Donors can donate via bank transfer to Sian Chay Medical Institution.
It’s UOB Current A/C No is: 1033055272
Standard Chartered Bank account number: 01-0-0295797

Please email the following details to within 3 working days:

  1. Donor’s full name
  2. Donor’s NRIC or UEN number (corporate donors)
  3. Contact telephone number:
  4. Email account :
  5. Mailing address (for tax exempt receipt receipt to be mailed)
  6. Bank transfer reference number :

Please issue a crossed cheque payable to “Sian Chay Medical Institution”.

Please write your name/address/IC number (for tax-exemption)/Contact number at the overleaf of the cheque and mail it to:

Sian Chay Medical Institution
610B Geylang Road (Off Lorong 36)
Singapore 389549

Online Donation: Donation

You can also make online donation via sg or Website.

Scan the PayNow QR Code with your Bank’s mobile banking app to donate.

PayNow is available for Standard Chartered, Bank of China, Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, ICBC, Maybank, OCBC and UOB.

After scan, you key in the amount to donate, followed by your name and NRIC in “Reference/Description” field if you want to claim tax deduction.

Donation can also be made through GIRO. Please download and fill up the GIRO form
Monthly GIRO Donation Form
and mail to
Sian Chay Medical Institution
610B Geylang Road (Off Lorong 36)
Singapore 389549

Purchase Charity Voucher (Congratulatory or Condolences) and donate to our Medical Fund. Please call 6744 1891for more details.

Donation Info

DDDP is a donation programme designed for members of the public who are interested in supporting Sian Chay Medical Institution’s charity’s activities in Singapore on a monthly, 6-monthly or annual basis.

DDDP is promoted face-to-face and its an easily accessible and friendly method of allowing members of the public to find out more about Sian Chay’s charity activities. DDDP is promoted at various places including events, shopping malls and at pre-approved locations throughout Singapore.

There are 3 parties involved, and they are Sian Chay Medical Institution, Saleswork and SG Global Support Services. We have engaged Saleswork, a reputable international marketing company that is also working with many other Charity Groups in Singapore. Saleswork sends small teams of trained fund-raisers known as “Sian Chay Appointed Representatives” to promote the Sian Chay Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP) at pre-approved venues in Singapore. SG Global Support Services helps us to manage this programme’s administrative work.

Sian Chay is not able to bear the cost of setting up a large team to manage and carry our DDDP. This project involves in volunteer management; discipline, loyalty and commitment. This is why we are partnering with Saleswork who specialized in face-to-face marketing.

This partnership allows Sian Chay to save cost and channel your donations to our charity activities in Singapore. Face-to-face fund-raising is a regular, professional job that requires long-term commitment and specific skills. While we sincerely thank our volunteers for their support, many of them have jobs and/or commitments, that’s why they may not be the ideal candidates for this type of programme.

All our representatives carry an ID badge and a copy of the CCA (Collectors Certificate of Authority) issued by the NCSS (National Council of Social service) which states the name and NRIC of each individual fund-raiser.

If in doubt, you can also contact Sian Chay Medical Institution Office Main Line:
6744 1891

Ms Joanne Ong : 8823 9431

Ms Chng Shiung Horng:  9638 0095

Saleswork : 6557 0120

with the full name or ID badge number of the representative that you wish to verify.

Note: Fund-raiser to pass a feedback card to the public.

Yes. You can go directly to Sian Chay Medical Institution to donate. A lot of people that we spoke to also shared the same thought but in the end, they still sign up today with us because we are able to provide a one-stop customer service.

Monthly donations S$38 (only $1.26 per day)
6 monthly donations(deductions are made once every 6 months.):S$228
Annual donations S$456

Sian Chay Appointed Representatives are NOT allowed to accept cash donation.

YES. Every donation is important for us to continue our work. Should you be keen to donate on a one-time basis only, you can do so by: Making an online donation here

Or, send us a cheque made payable to “Sian Chay Medical Institution” at the following address, with your name, address, NRIC number and contact number on the back of the cheque to facilitate processing Sian Chay Medical Institution – Individual Donations (By Cheque). 610 Geylang Road (off Lor 36) Singapore 389549

Your benevolent donations will help us to:
Continue our services and administration in providing free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultation, subsidized medicine, acupuncture treatment and tuina therapy for the community.

Community outreach programme

Through Sian Chay platform to promote racial harmony and social stability.

Every donation of $10 is able to help one patient from low-income family to receive free TCM consultation and medication. This in turn helps one whole family to relieve from suffering and gain happiness. Thereby fostering blissful family life; social and racial harmony.

You can make a donation to Sian Chay Medical Institution via

By Online donation portal (Credit/Visa)

By Cheque

By Cash

Cash donations can be made directly to Sian Chay Medical institution at the above mailing address and Sian Chay’s 13 branches.

By DDDP Roadshow

Email us at or visit our website to check our locations of any upcoming roadshows in Singapore and talk to our appointed Sian Chay representatives.

DDDP is a donation programme designed for members of the public who are interested in supporting Sian Chay Medical Institution’s charity’s activities in Singapore on a monthly, 6-monthly or annual basis.
Every dollar is crucial to carry out our charity activities in Singapore. Hence, we hope that we can have your continuous support. However, if you need to cancel your donation please contact the donor service line at 6323 2012 and we will process your request immediately. However, please allow us a maximum of 30 days for the termination of credit card arrangements to take effect.

For enquires on DDDP/Sian Chay Medical Institution Field Representatives:
Tel : +65 6557 0120
Fax: +65 6535 6972

For enquires on donations/donor services (e.g. change of details/ cancellation):
SG Support Services
Tel : +65 6323 2012

For enquires on DDDP/Sian Chay Medical Institution’s work:
Sian Chay Medical Institution 善济医社


Tel : 6565 3737

Fax: 6744 3082

For feedback to Sian Chay Medical Institution:
Kindly request for a feedback card from the representative serving you.