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Staff Bonding session: Charity and Technology Forward Together

15 Oct 2018

Staff Bonding session: Charity and Technology Forward Together

On 15th October, Sian Chay Medical Institution held a staff bonding session at the Lifelong Learning Institute, Lecture Theatre Level 2. Mr. Teo Ngiang Heng, Secretary of Sian Chay Medical Institution, attended the event.

Mr. Teo Ngiang Heng holds Chairman Toh Soon Huat in deep respect. He said, “Chairman Toh Soon Huat has a compassionate heart. He wants to save a lot of people. He is very devoted, and he works very hard. It is attributed to Chairman Toh’s diligence and persistence that Sian Chay is able to have 15 branches today. He also said, “I learned from Chairman Toh Soon Huat that we should always be honest and grateful in business or in your own life. We need to treasure every day and do something meaningful. He dedicates himself to charity and his son has also been influenced by him since an early age.

During the demo session on therapy equipment and medical device sharing session, Mr. Dai from Guangzhou Tongyuantang and Dr. Zhang from Jilin Medical College introduced the principle and application of the dual-core terahertz cell physiotherapy instrument and Huaneng low-pressure chamber.

The physicians and tuina therapists discussed on the problems they encountered at work. in line with the modern development, the medicine and technology complement each other. Only in this way can we provide the best treatment for the patients.

Under the leadership of Chairman Toh Soon Huat, Sian Chay Medical Institution has consistently adhered to the five core values “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”, supporting the nation building and the fostering of social harmony. Sian Chay actively promotes its beliefs that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours”, ”Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People” and it is dedicated to participating in the charity activities in community organisations, civic groups and community centres to support the charity. At the meantime, it also advocates the idea that “Trust, Action, Attitude and Conduct form the integrity and virtues of charity work and plant the faith of kindness in everyone’s heart

All the participants learned more about spirit of  Sian Chay at the event, and they will pass on the new knowledge of medical technology and charity spirit learned from today’s session to every patient.

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