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“Susan Teng’s 60th Birthday Celebration Dinner” 60th birthday

16 Jan 2020
“Susan Teng’s 60th Birthday Celebration Dinner” 60th birthday
Thursday, 16th January.
On 16th the January evening (Thursday),  60th-year-old charity birthday dinner of Dr Susan Teng, wife of Dr. Simon Keak, Vice Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, was held at Shangri-La Hotel.
Dr. Teng donated all the hongbaos from the birthday dinner to Sian Chay Medical Institution.  She hopes to share her love to benefit Sian Chay’s charity while holding the birthday banquet with her friends and confidantes.
Dr. Teng shared at the birthday party: “How many 60 years do we have in  our lifetime. ? I hope that everyone in this room will be able to celebrate their 60 years of age in this manner, and we will always gather together . I am indeed happy to remain as good friends with everyone here all these years. Simon and I have continued to learn from you in work and human relationships. We are very grateful to our brothers and sisters, and thank you Chairman Toh  for your hard work !
Mr. Toh Soon Huat JP , Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, also expressed a birthday blessing: I wish their family harmony , good health and blessing to them!
Every $10 donation in Sian Chay can help one person. Helping a person is equivalent to helping the whole family because any one in a large family falls sick, the life and mood of the family will be greatly affected. Our mission of Sian Chay is to help patients relieve from suffering, relieve from illness, foster blissful and healthy families, harmonious society, and social stability .
Trust, action, manner, attitude, and conduct form the integrity and virtues of charity work. This is also the charity spirit that Sian Chay has always upheld.
Dr. Susan Teng and her family hosted the birthday dinner and the company’s (MTM) anniversary celebrations a few years ago and made donations to Sian Chay to defray its operation funds
Finally, let’s wish Dr. Susan Teng a happy birthday , and thank Dr. Teng and her family for hosting this meaningful charity birthday banquet for everyone to gather and contribute together ; thank you to all guests for coming, and blessing to all!
The birthday hongbaos of $10,400 were received from the family and friends on that night. Dr. Susan Teng personally donated another $10,000 making a total donation of $20,400.