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TCM Charity Banquet 2018

18 Apr 2018

Mr Terry Ong, Organising Committee Chairman of the TCM Charity Banquet 2018.

JCI Senator Owen Lee, JCI Vice President.

JCI Senators and JCI Officers of JCI Singapore and the LOMs.

Dr Toh Soon Huat , Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution and Dato’ Seri Dr Derek Goh , Patron of JCI Singapore and Honourable Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution.

Friends and colleagues at Sian Chay.A very good evening.

I am delighted to attend the 1st TCM Charity Banquet organised by JCI City (Singapore ) in support of Sian Chay Medical Institution.

I wish to congratulate JCI Singapore and its chapters for practising what they preach in the JCI Creed;that ” Service to Humanity Is the Best of Life”. The collaboration between Sian Chay Medical Institution with the JCI chapters to organise a series of community service projects in Singapore is indeed a very worthy cause.

I understand that JCI Singapore’s involvement with Sian Chay Medical Institution begun with the participation and personal contribution by your Patron, JCI Senator Dato’ Seri Dr. Derek Goh who is a good friend of Dr Toh Soon Huat in 2010. The collective contribution and support by the JCI Singapore movement for Sian Chay Medical Institution in the past 8 years has since exceeded $2 million !

This is indeed an inspiration to our social service sector.On behalf of Sian Chay Medical Institution , I wish to record my gratitude to many benevolent JCI members and supporters for your philanthropic spirit to care for the needy and elderly in our community regardless of race, language or religion.

We must thank Dr Toh Soon Huat , Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution for creating this unique opportunity for the young leaders to learn and organise community projects to serve the community as well as raise the awareness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the Singapore; especially amongst the non Chinese community in the recent years.

In the past four years ( 2014- 2017) , Sian Chay has served nearly one million patient visits and dispensed over 1.8 million dosages of prescriptions in Singapore. Sian Chay has forecasted that in the next five years ( 2018-2022), they will be serving about 2.5 million patient visits and dispensing over

4.8 million dosages of prescriptions for the patients. Thus to sustain this heavy operation, an active  fundraising campaign has embarked since 2014.

The TCM Charity Banquet is one of many fundraising projects organised in partnership with social service organisations like JCI Singapore. JCI City (Singapore) should be complimented for taking up the challenge to organise the 1st TCM Charity Banquet in aid of Sian Chay Medical Institution. Earlier this year, JCI Mandarin (Singapore ) launched the eHongBao donation drive during the festive season.

I understand that JCI Marina (Singapore ) will be organising the Charity Draw later this year. I hope other JCI Chapters can also contribute towards this meaningful and worthy cause.

I like to thank our sponsors, donors and supporters for their generous donations and contributions to make the TCM Charity Banquet a success!

With Gratitude and Blessing!

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