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Thanks to NTUC Fairprice for their donation

19 Mar 2021

Sian Chay Medical Institution is a social enterprise under societal management for social service.
Charity is a true love. It is sincere, compassionate, grateful, bright, and priceless.

Thanks to NTUC Fairprice for their donation and thanks to Mr. Kelvin Toh for his assistance. We have distributed 2928 cans of baked beans in tomato sauce and 693 packets of biscuits to the following charities:
Kheng Chiu Happy Lodge
Man Fut Tong Nursing Home
Sunshine Action Welfare Mission
Foodbank Singapore
Willing Hearts

Amid the pandemic, Sian Chay Medical Institution stands with everyone to do everything to our best that benefits the country and the people and bring love and compassion to more people. Sian Chay as a social enterprise is for society by society.
Charity is about sharing and giving joy. Everyone is needed to work together and contribute to do good. The able should take on more social responsibilities to help the needy in society. Only then can society become more harmonious, joyful, bright, and healthy.
I am grateful to the public for their support and encouragement to Sian Chay Medical Institution. With gratitude and blessings.