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The New Book Sharing Session of “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”

17 Nov 2018

Life Is cultivation, Life Is a responsibility

The New Book Sharing Session of “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity” by the Philanthropist and Justice of Peace Toh Soon Huat on 17th November 2018 (Saturday)

Q & A

  1. Lim Denan: “I would like to know if your diabetes was the key factor on for giving up your business in the listed company?”

Chairman Toh: “It had nothing to do with that at all. The main reason for divesting the company was humanity. If I had to continue to run the company, I would have made more money. Many people have speculated about my leaving the company. Some people say that I was not on good terms with the directors. Some people say that I was suffering from cancer. Some people say that I had financial difficulty. None of them was true. The reason is that I decided to seek for a more peaceful lifestyle and try to cultivate myself.”

  1. Lim Denan: “Why are you so active in promoting culture and arts? What does this meant to you?”

Chairman Toh: “I think literary people are very remarkable. If one knows how to write well, why don’t they put kindness and compassion into it! Use knowledge to influence and help more needy people. In my opinion, charity should be combined with arts. For example, in 2018, we held many art charity events, including art exhibitions, concerts, etc. I believe that the future should link humanities, education, arts with charity to make them flourish. .”

  1. Lim Denan: “Have you ever thought about taking a break in 2019? After all, the funds raised so far are able to support the operation expenses for the next few years.”

Chairman Toh: “As long as I have the chance to raise funds, I will not rest.”

  1. Lim Denan: ” You just mentioned that the fundraising in the future will rely on the audience sitting in front of us. Can you explain it to us? How do you rely on these people?”

Chairman Toh: “Charity is a cause that requires perseverance in the long run. Through this sharing session, I hope that all of you here today will influence more friends around to pay attention to and understand and support charity. Maybe you cannot achieve it today, but you can achieve it one year later, ten years later, as long as you don’t give up, stick to it. I am very grateful that there have been many noble people around me supporting me silently and donating to Sian Chay Medical Institution. If you ask me to choose again, I will still choose the path of charity. We are expecting that in June next year, Sian Chay will be organizing the TV Charity Show; and we will appreciate your kind donation even if it is $5 or $10. Sian Chay is serving the public, and it also needs support from the public.”

  1. Lim Denan: “I want to ask the chairman, how have you avoided those ” back stabbing ” in ‘society ’ for so many years?”

Chairman Toh: “’Society’ is everywhere in the life. You must know how to choose, to avoid those circles you do not belong to, avoid unnecessary arguments. It is the most important to choose the right direction and path.”

  1. Lim Denan: “Why do you believed Mr. Toh Soon Huat was the right person to helm Sian Chay?”

Mr. Lee Kin Hong: “Sian Chay Medical Institution was facing a big problem and almost reached the point of closure. We even thought about merging with other charitable institutions. I happened to meet Toh Soon Huat. He could not bear to see a medical institution with a hundred-year history shut down and he took the challenge. Over the years, his contribution and efforts are obvious to us and he makes Sian Chay better and better. We all appreciate his hard work.”

  1. Lim Denan: “Two years ago, Mr. Toh Soon Huat also held a new book sharing session here. The guest speaker at the time was Mr. Chua Chee Lay. After two years, can you talk about your feelings at the moment?”

Professor Chua Chee Lay: “In the era of the advanced commercial world with excellent business people, what Mr. Toh Soon Huat touched me most is that he is a highly intelligent entrepreneur. I rarely see anyone who is so enthusiastic and dedicated in charity, education and arts. He not only shoulder Sian Chay Medical Institution, but also personally donates money to other organizations and needy individuals. Chairman Toh knows that it is not easy to be engaged in culture and arts. Just awhile ago, Chairman Toh personally donated money to the Contemporary Arts Society. We deeply appreciate it. I also admire his courage because he chose to devote himself to charity at the peak of his career. He could see through a lot of confusion in the world and choose his own path. This is his most invaluable trait. Two years ago, I hosted the sharing session of Mr. Toh’s new book “Road”. At that time, I felt the book would always inspire you regardless which page you turned to. This is the amazing part of this book.”

  1. Lim Denan: “Mr. Teo Ngiang Heng, could you please talk about your thoughts!”

Mr. Teo Ngiang Heng: “I have known Chairman Toh for 30 years. He was a successful entrepreneur. I was fortunate enough to meet him at his home and he inspired me a lot.

He was like a fortune teller that his words have all come true, including about my future career. I have been following our Chairman. It is really not an easy task for Sian Chay Medical Institution to establish 15 branches. Chairman is really working very hard. All of our employees are interviewed and mentored by him. He is really a very compassionate philanthropist.”

  1. Audience: “Can you explain “ non- enlighten” and “Ignorance”? In addition, can you explain to us the differences between high education, high knowledge and kind nessknowledge?”

Chairman Toh: “Kindness knowledge is different from high education and high knowledge. There is no prejudice in kindness knowledge. I am a person with no high knowledge, but I will not care about it. I will not be lost. I will not be ignorant. I do not pursue eternity, but only care to have it once. If I have a chance to save 100 people in a day or 1000 people in a day, I will choose the latter. That is why Sian Chay now has 15 branches. In order to help more less privileged and needy patients, Sian Chay is distributing out gift packs, arranging free haircut, inviting the elderly to concerts and excursions etc. Do not care about the levels, just look at the realms.”

  1. Audience: ” Mr. Toh, will your family support you to do charity? Will you donate all your family’s property to charity when you pass away? Will you worry that after you leave this world, your children will fight for the estate?”

Chairman Toh: “at the time of my marriage, my wife and I were both workers. She could understand the meaning of help in times of need. I often told her, stay true to the original self. The money used is the asset and the money left is the estate. I will not worry about my wife’s and children’s lives after I leave this world. My wife doesn’t spend much. My children will support my wife. I don’t have to worry about things at home, so I can concentrate on charity.”

  1. Mr. Derek Goh: “I have known Chairman Toh for more than 20 years. In my opinion, he is a good brother. He is very compassionate. He will encourage others to donate money to Sian Chay Medical Institution and then personally donate money to others. The money we earn is for spending. Donating the money to charity to help needy people is worthy. I hope that my action can influence the friends around me and contribute to the charity together.”