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The touching story of Service to Humanity by Sian Chay

23 Oct 2017

The touching story of Service to Humanity by Sian Chay

Founded in 1901, Sian Chay Medical Institution (UEN S62SS0055D) is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) with an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status (HEF 0039G) registered with the Ministry of Health (MOH). Sian Chay provides FREE Traditional Consultation Medicine (TCM) consultation and subsidized medicine and treatments for the community regardless of race or religion.

Dr Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament has officially assumed the position of Patron of Sian Chay Medical Institution with effect 8th July 2017.

Our Honourable Advisers are Mr Heng Chee How, Senior Minister of State (Prime Minister’s Office ) , Associate Professor Fatimah Lateef, MP for Marine Parade GRC and Dr Yeo Guat Kwang, Assistant Director General, NTUC.

Since the establishment of the 78th (2008) Council, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, Toh Soon Huat, Vice Chairmen Peter Lim Yong Guan, Patrick Khoo Hang Choong, Ricky Kok Kuan Hwa, Secretary Teo Ngiang Heng, Social Affairs Director Chua Swee Wah, Treasurer Simon Keak and all the Board Directors while embracing the vision of the pioneers, moving out from the traditional base to open new branches in the HDB heartlands to serve the public.

We are supported by our pool of 120 full time and registered TCM Physicians, TCM therapists, TCM Assistants and professionals supporting the day-to-day operations at 15 TCM branches and Corporate HQ.

Sian Chay is currently serving a daily average of 1,000 patients at our 15 TCM branches and supported 4 Wellness Centres with over 10,000 residents participating in physical and mental wellness activities.. The turnover will increase to 1,500 daily when our network of branches increase to 16 in 2019. This can better serve the community; especially the elderly and low income residents who will enjoy the convenience of TCM Services at their doorstep and the conducive atmosphere to seek medical consultation and treatment as well as making new friends interacting with each other.

In the past three years (2013-2017), Sian Chay has served over 730,000 patient visits and dispensed 1,560,000 dosages of prescription. It is forecasted that in the next five years (2018- 2022) , Sian Chay is expected to serve 2.5 million patient visits and dispensed 4.8 million dosages of prescription. As our annual budget is $6 million, we need to embark on an active fundraising campaign to sustain our operations.

Pioneer Generation patients enjoy full waiver of medical charges for consultation, medication and treatment at Sian Chay Clinics. Similarly, the clients of Silver Ribbon (Singapore) and senior volunteers of RSVP (Singapore) also benefit from the waiver granted under the community partnership agreement with Sian Chay Medical Institution. Those under the government assistance scheme or low income families can apply for waiver of medical charges. Sian Chay Medical Institution has also entered into a community partnership with Infinite Youth Association to mutually promote Wellness Living, Healthy Lifestyle and Social Harmony.

The Pioneer Generation Medical Fund was established on 1st January 2016 with the initial donation of $1 million by Lee Foundation in 2014 to support 100,000 patient visits. in 2016 Lee Foundation made a 2nd $1 million to top up the Pioneer Generation Medical Fund to support a further 100,000 patient visits. This year, Lee Foundation further donated a 3rd $1 million to the Pioneer Generation Medical Fund. The total donation of $3 million by the Lee Foundation in the past 3 years to the Pioneer Generation Medical Fund is able to support 300,000 patient visits up to end 2017.

Trust, Action, Attitude and Conduct are Honourable and Respectable Virtues of charity work. Sian Chay promotes the five core values; namely, ‘Forgiveness, Compassion, Universal Love, Gratitude and Blessing’ in its service to the community; as well as advocates the beliefs that ‘Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People’.

Gratitude and blessing to the public for the support to Sian Chay Medical Institution.