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Union Gas CEO Teo Hark Piang Will Not Lose Out By Doing Charity

10 Jan 2021
On January 10, 2021 (Sunday), Shin Min Daily News reported that “Union Gas CEO Teo Hark Piang Will Not Lose Out By Doing Charity”. CEO of Union Gas Holdings Co., Ltd. Teo Hark Piang, has been doing good for many years and said frankly that “you can’t lose money by doing charity.” Because the soul obtains great abundance, from which full positive energy is derived, and the soul will not walk on the wrong path in doing things. In February last year, when the pandemic just started to break out globally and local circuit breaker measures have not yet been implemented, items such as masks and hand sanitizers ran out of stock or their prices have shot up as the pandemic spread. At that time, Executive Director of Union Energy Group Teo Hark Piang,bought 200,000 bottles of hand sanitizers and distributed them to hawkers and household customers at a price nearly five times higher than the market price, spending a total of $1 million. Teo Hark Piang, who has been doing good in various ways for many years, said in an interview that the more important thing was to ensure everyone’s safety and trying to help as many people as possible. Especially as hawkers who by providing labour for return, has to spend many hours working in a sultry environment every day. Disadvantaged families too are impacted badly. Seeing this motivated him to lend a helping hand. “I am more fortunate than many people. God has given me a healthy body and the ability to make money. I also hope to give back to society.” Talking about the motivation to do good, Teo hark Piang said: “You can’t lose money by doing charity, the more you give, the more you receive.”
Teo Hark Piang explained that what you receive does not refer to money, but the rewards to the soul. “When you help others, the happiness received will have positive energy. This positive energy will also make you upright in doing things in normal times, and not walk a downward path. I also think this virtue can accumulate.” In addition, doing charity will also help you know more kind people, and he deeply believes that this is born from the heart. “If you take things too hard, or not willing to help others, your life will be affected.” Speaking of the biggest impact on him last year, Teo Hark Piang believes that it really made him feel that life does not need to be so busy, that work can slow down and he should spend more time with his family. “The pandemic has promoted the bond between me and my family. I can leave work early to spend more time with them.” As for the company, working arrangement had to be adjusted to comply with the pandemic prevention measures. From the management point of view, this may not be a good thing, as everyone seems disunited, but in the long run we find that this new form of working allows everyone to operate more independently. Talking about his feelings and changes this year, Teo Hark Piang said he knows how to take things easy. “I used to be irritated with some small problems, but now I see they are not there anymore. You must learn to take things easy and actively desire to accomplish what you set out to do.”