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Visit by CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School students to Sian Chay Medical Institution

24 Oct 2017

Visit by CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School students to Sian Chay Medical Institution

24th October, 2017 (Tuesday)


On 24th October afternoon, the sky after the rain was particularly sunny. A group of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School students visited Sian Chay Medical Institution under the guidance of their teacher. The teacher told us that this group of students had a strong interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For many of them, it was their first visit to a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, with full of curiosity.

The first stop of their visit was our 610 Geylang main branch. Students walked into the clinic and were all surprised and curious when seeing the meridian chart, acupuncture silver needles, as well as massage bed in the tuina room. Dr. Lee, physician in charge of main branch was particularly good at diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases. Thus, this group of young girls surrounded Dr. Lee, counseling on how to take good care during adolescent period. Dr. Lee patiently explained. Visiting a Chinese medicine clinic surely involved questions about acupuncture and tuina. Regarding these two unique Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, Dr. Lee said, “Physicians assess patient’s individual situation to decide the most suitable type of treatment;  acupuncture or tuina .”

The next stop was our 535 Geylang branch whose major patients are cancer survivors. Thus, medications usually involve herbal medicine. It was their first time to see layers of drawers filled with a variety of natural herbs used for treatment. Students all said that nature was amazing, and the traditional Chinese culture is so broad and profound.

In addition to the field visit, the students also watched the corporate video of Sian Chay to learn about the history of 116-year-old Sian Chay from its establishment to its current development. Sian Chay has been upholding its five cultural values, which are “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”. Together with our belief that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People.”, we serve the public keeping pace with the era, and promote a harmonious society.

“This event was very interesting,” said one of the students, “We can talk face to face with physicians, asking them questions. And we got an opportunity to understand the help and effect of acupuncture on the anatomy.” Another student said during the interview, “I was deeply impressed with profession of the physician and their expertise. We learned from them and they gave us a lot of advice and suggestions.”