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Wang Hui Remembers Her Charity Journey As Public Relations Manager of Sian Chay Medical Institution”.

14 Mar 2021

On March 14, 2021 (Sunday), Shin Min Daily News reported on “Wang Hui Remembers Her Charity Journey As Public Relations Manager of Sian Chay Medical Institution”.
Eighty-year-old grandma has not slept on a bed since her husband passed away. After Wang Hui understood her plight, she bought a mattress and bed frame for her out of her pocket, so that Grandma could feel the comfort and warmth of sleeping on the bed as before.
Wang Hui graduated from the Department of Journalism of Peking University and became special host of the “Witness” programme of China’s CCTV new media. From 2015 to 2020, she served as assistant to the Chairman and also public relations manager of Sian Chay Medical Institution in Singapore.
Encouraged by the good deeds of Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution Toh Soon Huat, Wang Hui became more determined to help the disadvantaged in society. She used her programme hosting expertise and assisted Sian Chay to plan large-scale charity performances one after another, including ” Sian Chay Love D’ Charity Gala Dinner ” and ” A Special Love Dedicated To A Special You” and so on.
When preparing for the performance the year before last, Wang Hui was in charge of programming and filming and interviewing patient cases at Sian Chay Medical Institution. Among them, the scene of a house lacking basic facilities of 80-year old Mazenah (whom she called the “Malay grandma “) left her feeling uneasy.
She said: “When visiting her house, Mazenah said that shortly after the death of her companion, the bed they were sleeping on suddenly broke. Unable to repair, she had to sleep on the old sofa beside her. Although Mazenah lived a poor life, she lived a very happy life. She accidentally revealed during the conversation that she still hopes to have a comfortable bed. Because I am deeply influenced by Chairman Toh Soon Huat and his colleagues’ enthusiasm for charity every day, I wanted to do my best to help this old woman. “
Wang Hui went to IKEA and bought a bed frame and mattresses out of her pocket. Together with bed sheets and pillows, she spent more than $700. She wished to give the old lady a good night’s sleep.
To her, who came to Singapore to make a living on her own, the cost of buying a bed was not cheap, but she believed that this was her most meaningful purchase and it was completely worth the effort. She still remembered when the charity performance ended. Mazenah, who was seated in the audience, stayed for a long time and did not leave until Wang Hui had finished her work. When Wang Hui ran up to greet her, Mazenah grabbed her hand, smiled happily, and thanked her!
After learning about this, Chairman Toh Soon Huat wanted to make up for the cost of buying the bed for Wang Hui, but Wang Hui declined. When interviewed, Wang Hui laughed and said that she still keeps the receipt, reminding herself constantly her original intention to do good, and to keep doing good.
The year of pandemic has been particularly difficult for Wang Hui. She said: “My friend in China unfortunately died while giving birth. I was overwhemed. I thought of my parents and family members and wanted to return to accompany them more.” She said although she was reluctant to leave the Sian Chay family, she still left her post and returned to China.
However, the seeds of good deeds have already sprouted in Wang Hui’s heart. She said that no matter where she is, she would do her best to help those in need.
She said: “Doing good every day for humanity must come from the heart. Over time, you will find that doing good is joyful, and you will naturally do it from your heart.”