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What is the comments on Sian Chay Medical Institution from patients?

15 Dec 2016

What is the comments on Sian Chay Medical Institution from patients? Let’s take a look.

Recently, the staff and volunteers of Sian Chay Medical Institution interviewed patients at the Ang Mo Kio Branch (Trans-Cab Headquarter) and Whampoa Branch of Sian Chay. Patients being interviewed said it is a good communication between the Sian Chay and patients. Patients expressed gratitude and praise to Sian Chay. To repay Sian Chay, they would encourage charity and promote universal love in the society.

Here are the comments from patients.

“Sian Chay provides excellent services. The staff are not only very responsible, but also friendly and caring, treating patients like their family members. Every time I visited Sian Chay, I got inspired and happy when I see the warm and smiling reception staff.”

An 80-year-old auntie said: “Seeing the smiling staff and being treated like family members, I feel recovered even before any medication.”

A lot of patients in the interview indicated that they were “introduced by families or friends”.

An uncle said, “I was having meal in the coffee shop. When I was taking medicine, the person next to me saw and asked. When he learnt that I was seeing a physician in the other clinic and wasn’t get great improvement, he introduced Sian Chay to me and passed me the brochure. I then visited Sian Chay and my conditions greatly improved. The physician is very friendly, asking details about the progress of my disease every time.” The uncle then became a loyal fan of Sian Chay, and often introduce Sian Chay to his friends.

This shows that the reputation of Sian Chay Medical Institution, regardless of medical quality, service attitude, or internal decor, satisfies the patients.

A 30-year-old lady said: “I was introduced by my colleague. The first time I came here, I was just giving it a try. But after the acupuncture and tuina therapy, my arm, after years of being unable to lift, finally can move and is no longer painful.” The lady was impressed and very satisfied. She said she would visit Sian Chay frequently to maintain her health in the future.

There is also a family of three generations who patronize Sian Chay as their family clinic. They commented: “We felt comfortable and at ease as Sian Chay’s physicians are very attentive, careful and maintain sufficient consultation time. They don’t just perform their duty with few communication.”

Thanks to the feedback from these patients, our colleagues were very motivated and proud. Seeing the smiling face of patients, and high recognition for Sian Chay, staff has the motivation to do a better job in the future! They will make all patients feel comfortable and relaxed like being at home when they visit Sian Chay!

Overall, the patients were very satisfied with the services of Sian Chay. The current standards of the service provided meet the needs of the patients. Patients are also contented, feeling grateful to have such a charitable organization helping them to improve their health conditions and at the same time reduce financial burden. Their expectation is for Sian Chay to continue to maintain the current level and standard, and continuously serve the public better.

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